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Anja McCloskey – Instigate It

Anja McCloskey – Instigate It Artwork

Instigate It

STMP055 August 2012
Various Artists


  1. Instigate It
  2. Instigate It (Johnny5thWheel&thecowards version)
  3. Instigate It (The Middle Computer Mix)
  4. Instigate It (Etao Shin version)
  5. Instigate It (rude_NHS Mix)
  6. Instigate It (Lonely Joe Parker version)

Instigate It

Instigate It was the fourth single from Anja McCloskey’s debut album An Estimation, which came out on Sotones Records that September. The single was released on 30th August, together with a number of remixes and covers by her Sotones label mates.

Anja revealed covers and remixes from Johnny5thWheel&thecowards, The Middle Computer, Etao Shin, rude_NHS and Lonely Joe Parker in the run-up to her release on her facebook page.

Watch The Video For Instigate It