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Etao Shin – A Solitude Sheer

Etao Shin – A Solitude Sheer Artwork

A Solitude Sheer

STCD056 November 2012


  1. Etao Shin - A Solitude Sheer
  2. William Ashbless - Byron
  3. Anja McCloskey - Eureka
  4. Etao Shin - Glove (Ikkun Kwabena Remix)
  5. Etao Shin - Salmon (Heroic Montage Edition)

A Solitude Sheer

Love this. Sometimes it’s like back when I was drunk and used to leave deliberately encrypted messages on my computer screen just to fuck with my (spit) sober self. Either that, or send offensive emails to everyone I could think of and then delete all traces, so my drunk self could later deny all knowledge to my sober self.

-Everett True

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