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Avital Raz – Male Order Bride

Avital Raz – Male Order Bride Artwork

Male Order Bride

STMP080 March 2017
Produced by Kieth Angel.


  1. Male Order Bride

Male Order Bride

The latest release from the increasingly acclaimed singer-songwriter Avital Raz was released on 8th March 2017. ‘Male Order Bride’ is a wry commentary on modern ‘gender equality’, issued as a single from her hotly anticipated sixth album.

Male Order Bride echoes Lennon and Ono’s ‘woman is the nigger of the world’ with a country style and uproarious humour. Its catchy chorus “I’m still working for the man” is a reminder that the class struggle still begins at home in the kitchen and the bedroom. There couldn’t be a better time to call out the exploitation that seems to be making a come back around the world.

Accompanying video by Chris Davis wittily intercuts archive footage with eroticised domestic pastiche; a faceless man and a bearded woman give an edgy twist with a curious amount of scrumptious meaty bits. Avital Raz’s quirky approach to songwriting has already brought us such cynical feminist gems as ‘Oh, Isabel’ (how to fend off a paedophile), ‘The Edinburgh Surprise’ (a one night stand between an Israeli and Palestinian), and ‘Blues of the Ugly Sister’ (an alternative Cinderella story).

‘Male Order Bride’ is a single from Avital’s eagerly anticipated sixth album ‘The Fallen Angel’s Unravelling Descent’, to be released April 1st on Sotones Records. The recording is produced by Keith Angel and features Luke Carver-Goss, Andy Seward and Dave Angel from The Angel Brothers, as well as Jote Osahn (formerly of Elbow).

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