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rude_NHS – Mode I

rude_NHS – Mode I Artwork

Mode I

STMP071 April 2015


  1. Watermelon
  2. Mode Kinetica
  3. After Kin
  4. Single Long Scale
  5. That Happened
  6. Avant Gardener's World 24
  7. Keen Dreams
  8. Baron John
  9. Hymn 7
  10. Thop

Mode I

Mode I is the first instalment of the Mode trilogy, exploring jazz, funk, post-rock and visionary soundscapes.

…a prologue of a more mature work that riffes on crafty beats accompanied by imaginative tunes created in a rotation of instruments that add to a digital sound space…it cultivates a feeling of expectation and desire to listen more of Rude_NHS compositions and productions. Taking into consideration that the Mode I album is part of a trilogy with Mode II and Mode III coming soon, we can do nothing but expect for more pleasant surprises

-Eirini Gialou,

Watch the Video for Mode Kinetica: