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Moneytree – The Great Indoors Part II

Moneytree – The Great Indoors Part II Artwork

The Great Indoors Part II

STCD014 May 2009
Produced by Joe Gibb.


  1. An Old Guitar
  2. Cinema
  3. Pipe Dreams
  4. Pull the Other One with Blaine Harrison
  5. The Fuel Runs Out with Hannah Miller
  6. Fairy Lights with Lonely Joe Parker
  7. It Aint Mine with The Moulettes, Ted Dwayne and Rob Skipper

The Great Indoors Part II

Part 2 of their ‘Great Indoors’ triptych sees Moneytree’s sound evolving to take in folk and club sounds as well as their more familiar alt-rock medley of abrasive guitars, off-kilter rhythms and soaring – yet warm – vocal melodies.

Following a year of touring that saw them play UK festivals and support acts like Mystery Jets, Band Of Skulls and Thomas Tantrum, the four-piece returned to the studio in rural Wales with a clutch of new songs and legendary indie producer Joe Gibb (Leftfield, Million Dead, Murder of Rosa Luxembourg) at the controls.

This record is the sound of a band growing up: more focussed and assured than its predecessor, ‘..Part II’ nonetheless allows the songs themselves room to breathe. There’s even space enough for a host of collaborators, including Rob Skipper (recently departed from The Holloways), Lonely Joe Parker and members of Mumford & Sons, Modernaire and indie-pop monarchs du jour, Mystery Jets.