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Moneytree – The Great Indoors Part III

Moneytree – The Great Indoors Part III Artwork

The Great Indoors Part III

STCD025 October 2010
Produced by Joe Gibb.


  1. The Science of Gambling
  2. Medicineland with Hannah Miller
  3. Seven Steps
  4. Song for Brothers
  5. The Gamble of Science
  6. World of Autumn with James Moss and Hannah Miller
  7. Grave & Aloof with Emma Richardson, Russell Marsden and Hannah Miller

The Great Indoors Part III

Moneytree have been developing continuously since brothers Campbell and Oliver Austin could hold instruments. In the last few years they have released two EPs featuring collaborations with members of Mystery Jets, The Holloways, Mumford & Sons, Modernaire, Moulettes, Thomas Tantrum and Lonely Joe Parker.

The Great Indoors Part III picks up where The Great Indoors Part II left off in that it is very much a collaborative record. It features a multitude of musicians playing a plethora of instruments including horns, cellos, likembe (thumb piano), a percussion group and even a saw! However, now the brothers Austin are joined by Jimmy Hatherley on guitar and electronica producer Lewis Renshaw (aka Niggle, Cycrowave, Murry) on bass. The EP features collaborations with Band Of Skulls (“Grave & Aloof”), Thomas Tantrum, The Moulettes & On Histories Of Rosenberg (“World Of Autumn”).

The record is produced by Joe Gibb who has worked with and produced the likes of The Kinks, David Bowie, Madonna, Leftfield and Million Dead and marks the return of singer Campbell Austin’s voice after a year without being able to sing due to a growth on his larynx.

The EP was recorded live in a remote cottage in Wales and the live element of the recording plays testament to Moneytree’s much-hailed live performances. Ahead of the EP’s relase, the band will be releasing “Song for Brothers” as a free download single and will be giving away “The Science of Gambling” as a free track specifically for blogs and websites. Don’t say these boys ain’t generous!