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Anja McCloskey – Quincy Who Waits

Anja McCloskey – Quincy Who Waits Artwork

Quincy Who Waits

STCD065/STMP065 July 2014
Recorded at CSC Studio in Hamburg, Brighton and London.


  1. Celluloid Glimmers
  2. Suit Yourself
  3. Too Many Words feat. Mikey Kenney
  4. Henry Lives
  5. Red
  6. Insane
  7. Why Tea
  8. The Calm feat. Campbell Austin
  9. Quincy Who Waits in the Daffodils
  10. Come Tell Me
  11. Zoom Permanent
  12. The Boy Is Lost

Quincy Who Waits

Quincy Who waits is Anja McCloskeys second Album, recorded at CSC Studio in Hamburg, as well as in Brighton and London and features many of her Sotones colleagues, including amongst others Mikey Kenney (Ottersgear), Campbell Austin (Moneytree, TS Idiot), Joseph Kelly (Etao Shin), Fredrik Kinbom, Hannah Miller and Ollie Austin (Moulettes), Emma Gatrill (Mariner’s Children) and Marcus Hamblett (Eyes & No Eyes).

a dreamy, phantasmagoria of sound…one of the prettiest albums of the year…McCloskey must be the only American who sings in an English accent.

-Russ Coffey,

Listen To The title Track: