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rude_NHS – A Hundred Sides

rude_NHS – A Hundred Sides Artwork

A Hundred Sides

STMP040 April 2011


  1. Roy Orbital
  2. To Speak With One Another
  3. Cage Fighter
  4. Spoon Holes Theme
  5. A China Wiring Porno
  6. Mambo Yet So
  7. Max Possible
  8. Power Supply
  9. Vanjealous

A Hundred Sides

Debut album ‘a hundred sides’ takes the listener on a 60 minute journey through a landscape of sounds and textures only rude_NHS could create.

Having gained a cult following with EP release Tango6 in 2009, Duncan was persuaded to compile a collection of dance tracks inspired by driving to university lectures: “I would drive to Southampton and hear blokes zooming past in their cars listening to really bassy stuff, and it just clicked. I need to make a really fat car album’. Recognised for his more experimental approach to music, he considers this a more pop orientated venture, gluing together his favourite elements of electro, drum and bass and break beat.


As well as designing much of his own applications to perform with, he has also worked heavily on other projects, such as producing label mates Jay-EtAl’s debut album “Where No City Lights”, promoting local club nights, and dipping into intense experimental ideas such as generative sound installations. Some of the songs on this album, he claims, were made by his computer and not by him. On the live circuit he has played with esoteric artists such as Luke Vibert, Ceephax Acid Crew and Tim Exile.

He is also keen on word play, and the title “a hundred sides” is an anagram of his own death.