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Lonely Joe Parker – Ten Friends

Lonely Joe Parker – Ten Friends Artwork

Ten Friends

Self Released September 2006
Recorded at Joe's Bathroom.
Produced by Lonely Joe Parker.


  1. _mcs
  2. _op
  3. _r
  4. _R
  5. _t
  6. _c
  7. _e
  8. _d
  9. _mE
  10. _m

Ten Friends

Ten songs about ten-friends.

Break up with a girlfriend and imprisoned in the house? Write some songs…

Recorded in two days in a bathroom. The names of the ‘ten friends’ were never revealed, though most of them guessed since. Three of these songs went on to become mainstays of the Mega Hairy Men / Power set (‘r’ / ‘No Sex’; ‘c’ / ‘Princesses’; ‘mE’ / ‘Number Nine’).

Joe ran off about 20 of these on a CDR machine. Each disc was spray-painted a different colour and numbered. None are left that he knows of.

I’ve since been told that spray-painting CDs is a REALLY bad idea; the paint tends to melt after repeated plays and screw up any disc drive unlucky enough to house them at the time…

Lonely Joe Parker