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Avital Raz – The Believer

Avital Raz – The Believer Artwork

The Believer

STMP063 March 2014
Produced by Pete Harvey.


  1. Blue Ball Moan
  2. Kali's Garland
  3. The Edinburgh Surprise
  4. Daisy's Song
  5. The Believer
  6. In the Garden
  7. Number 3972
  8. Water

The Believer

Avital Raz’s fifth album ia a collaboration with cellist Pete Harvey, who she met on tour in Edinburgh.


  • Avital Raz- Lyrics, Music, Voice, Guitar
  • Pete Harvey, Production, Recording and Mixing, Cello and Piano
  • David Pratt – Percussion in The Edinburgh Surprise
  • Amos Ungar – Dulcimer, Guitar in Number 3972 and Percussion in In the Garden

Watch the Video for Blue Ball Moan: