Small Sotones Logo

Sotones Logos

Here you have the Sotones logos for promotional use/artwork in svg and png format with transparent backgrounds

The svg's can be resized without losing quality in Illustrator/Inkscape, but send us a message with the press contact form if you need something different. The standard colours we use are #f36 (the reddish pink),#333 (dark grey/black) and #fff (white). The font we use in the logo is Bebas Neue. Please try and keep them the original colours if possible.

SVG Logos:

Grey Tape Logo SVG Grey tape logo SVG
Red Tape Logo SVG Red tape logo SVG
White Tape Logo SVG White tape logo SVG
Full Logo Grey SVG Full logo grey SVG
Full Logo Red SVG Full logo red SVG
Full Logo White SVG Full logo White SVG

PNG Logos:

Grey Tape Logo PNG Grey tape logo PNG 4000px
Red Tape Logo PNG Red tape logo PNG 4000px
White Tape Logo PNG White tape logo PNG 4000px
Full Logo Grey PNG Full logo grey PNG 4000px
Full Logo Red PNG Full logo red PNG 4000px
Full Logo White PNG Full logo white PNG 4000px