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Chin Music Call It A Day

Chin Music Call It A Day

Chin Music

It’s always a sad time when a band you think is pretty damn good and has the potential to do really well calls it a day.

It’s even sadder when the band is made up of friends of yours, and sadder still when you were really hoping to sell loads of their records.

But some people don’t want to do the Rolling Stones thing and be playing badly remembered versions of songs you wrote 30 years ago whilst hobbling around on your drug fueled arthritic legs and are happy to have enjoyed playing and making records, moving on to other things.

I think you get to a point playing music when you have to make a decision whether you want to either get seriously poor, work really damn hard, piss off your girlfriend and try and take it as far as you can, or sit back, make a go of your 9-5, make sure you spend enough time with your girlfriend and think about mortgages and car credit.

Sometimes your priorities change and that’s fine, at the end of the day you do these things to make you happy so if it’s not, stop.

I’ve got a feeling this will not be the last we hear of a few of Chin Music’s members though, with rumours of a studio only prog rock project and lead singer Neil Kennedy running Shelter Studios, there is bound to be some influence at the very least.

You can still buy Chin Music’s full length LP ‘Temper Temper’ from iTunes and if you want some decent recording done check out Shelter Studios.

2016 edit: Neil now runs The Ranch Production House