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Do You DIY? festival – Part Deux

Do You DIY? festival – Part Deux

DIY Festival


Summer slithers on a few more weeks, Brighton and tours in Germany and stuff have all happened, various exciting recording projects are racing towards completion for the autumn (Ann The Arc, Anja Harris (Haunted Stereo), nato, rude_NHS, Moneytree as well as Jackie Paper & myself are all jostling for prime release spots in Sept / Oct as we speak) and overall the year is whooshing by! My ears are already fucked and festival season hasn’t even wound up to full speed yet…

This is all pretty fitting as we’re taking part in yet another excellent (and free!!) all-dayer at the marv Old Queen’s Head in Islington on Bank Holiday Monday, 31st May. There’s gonna be a total cornucopia of labels, clubnights, DJs and acts from the alternative (as in, actually do shit themselves, without major label money, rather than bang on about their ‘aesthetic’ … looking at YOU Blood Red Shoes (V2/Universal)) side of things.

As well as Peter Lyons and all us lot, you should definitely catch Thomas Tantrum, and Real Fur ain’t too shabby either.

The whole thing kicks off at lunchtime, is free, and goes on till closing time innit. For more details see the facebook page or OQH blog.

See you there!

Joe x x