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“Masterful single…I don’t regret listening to this” – acclaim for The Iron Duke

“Masterful single…I don’t regret listening to this” – acclaim for The Iron Duke

The reviews are in for The Iron Duke‘s latest single I Regret ft. Ben Reynolds aka Trelawney.   The man from Del Monte, he say yes! Artwork from The Iron Duke single I Regret featuring Ben Reynolds aka Trelawney THE IRON DUKE is the alter-ego of ex-White Ape singer Tommy Mack. The Iron Duke has a long list of regrets. But he shouldn’t regret this new musing. Musically, an acoustic guitar creates a flamenco vibe, groovin’ all the way to the end. Both peculiar and sticky. I have no regret whatsoever for listening 5 times in a row to this confessional earworm.”

Turn Up The Volume blog

“Sometimes you consider an artist ‘yours’ as the mention gets nothing but a shrug from people, but then you go online and they have thousands of plays. This great track currently has 18 views on YouTube, say what? 18? Let’s change that, shall we? I Regret is a great Tom Waits / Jacques Brel missive on things falling apart. It evokes smoky bars and late night regrets (there’s the word!), forgotten loves and blurry (Blur-ry?) goodbyes. There’s a slice of Scott Walker, a dash of Jack/Jacques but if you want a more modern take, there are traces of FINNEAS, who is a long-time Kendall favourite (so much so that I tolerate that caps lock title) and the story telling brilliance of Matty Healy and The 1975. Basically whoever your favourite midnight torch-song troubadour is, you’ll find much to enjoy here, if ‘enjoy’ is the right word for a song about falling apart. It’s great, go listen. Je Ne Regret Rien, as they say. ❤”

Kendall Lacey’s Webworld

“…masterful single….reminds us of the great legend David Bowie, but exhausting personality through the pores, thus building a great artistic identity! Here we have one of the great launches of the year 2022…”

Roadie Music

“…naughty flamenco guitar and features sweet tones from Ben Reynolds , aka Trelawney and formerly of The Hundred Handed , for the dark journey of wails of composition…”

Teco Apple