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Moneytree takeover the Hamptons!

Moneytree takeover the Hamptons!


Well, what can I say…

So far in my whirlwind Sotones adventure, not once have I seen one man trash the stage in such rock and roll fashion. By the second song the microphone was crashing to the floor, and by the third song, the drum kit was in pieces and the snare drum almost had a foot put through it. And this was (mostly) the work of one man. Having not seen Moneytree before, its fair to say that it was surreal to say the least. 

Though, lets start at the beginning. 

Ann the arc, Sotones newest grunge trio, started the night off in perfect order. If you like dissonance, distortion, and really loud things, these are the band for you. Not to say they are melody-less! Just imagine Lonely Joe parker and a loud grunge band, and that essentially is what you have! Loved them!

Then came Shapes. Ah Shapes, what to say about Shapes…

Mathmatical-technical-jazz-hardcore-o I believe is the technical term for their music…But most importantly, they were instrumental. But in this case, you didn’t need a voice. Their twenty minute odyssey of riffing and what I suspect was improvisation (though correct me if i’m wrong) mixed with their excessive use of loop pedals was never boring. In fact, it was pretty good!

Then it was Moneytrees turn. 

Eventful, surreal, and mildly rock and roll, are just a few words I’d use to describe their set. First song was straight in to the chaos, and by the third song the stage was in bits. To put it in further detail, basically, Campbell stood on the bass drum, fell off, almost put his foot through the snare and landed sat down on the chair. 

The whole set was a mess of similar chaos, and a sing song of It Ain’t mine. Having not seen them before, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t expect that. But I fucking loved it. If you get the chance, go see Moneytree. Even if you don’t like there music (which you do, I’m sure) you’ll still have a killer time. 

Dear Brontide, if for some reason you’re reading this, I apologize, i missed your set. Its nothing personal, I’m sure you were wonderful. 

Best ‘Curates’ night I’ve been to so far, without a doubt (sorry Haunted Stereo and Lonely Joe Parker). It was a stunt filled, Loud, and very rock and roll evening. Worth the five pounds (which I was later reimbursed with) without a doubt!

Until next week, or some when before then

Your friendly neighbourhood Intern.

P.S. Monday, Do you DIY festival Part 2, Old Queens Head, Islington. 12pm til 12am. Tidy!