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Our tips for 2011

Our tips for 2011

New Broadcast Group

New Broadcast Group

Alt rock/pop

The band consists of Matthew Peter Joseph Perry (Vocals/Guitar),  Christopher Philip Harvey (Guitar/Vocals), Stephen James Ellis (Guitar/Vocals),  Graham Balharrie (Bass),  Thomas Chapman (Drums)

From In and around Southampton, Reading, London

“One for my Conscience” really bought the beans  for us the subtle flow of the jangly tune with the melancholy lyrics makes you feel like its one of those songs thats always been in the back of your head waiting to be discovered. Definetly a Summer single.

check out “Cold Cold Karma” and “Control Principle” too.


Horror punk/New wave

Darell Swainstone , Jed Carr, Pip Borthwick, Mathew Alexander Kidd, Jamie Chillcott, Paul Seymour, Adam Wells.

All aboard! You’re about to be taken on a journey across the musical atlas courtesy of Oresteia, we tried to put them in a genre but it just didnt work! The gritty, faced paced beats would lead anybody to think they mainly dabble in punk, but their use of a introspective atmosphere makes a smal nod to 80s new wave and their ballsy vocals and instrumentation create a definite blues rock vibe. Enough of my monkeyshines head to: