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Rumblings from the belly of the digital beast

Rumblings from the belly of the digital beast

Believe Didgital

Hey everyone (did we mention we’ve got a Twitter feed now?),

Now for a bit of real news…

So, we spent the last months negotiating it and have now appointed a digital distributor. As from this month, our digital releases will be handled worldwide by Believe Digital; they service music retailers around the world, including iTunes, eMusic, Napster and Amazon, as well as a bucketload of niche retailers. We have also begun to deliver content to Spotify, the popular new on-demand streaming music service that has already revolutionised music listening in the UK.

All of which means getting our music out to thousands more people! We’ve wanted to shout about this for a while, but kept our fingers crossed until everything went through like the superstitious oulde witches we are. Now we’re actually doing it though, burying our noses in metadata and content delivery specifications and stuff like that. So – ‘yay with big shiny bollocks on to us’ – we handed the first releases over to our distributor today…

We’re all really, really, excited to have moved into this new phase of business, which will let us concentrate on producing and promoting records as well as our showcase nights in Southampton, Brighton, London and Winchester.

Similarly, Vincent Bordier, Believe UK label manager, added: “We’re thrilled to welcome Sotones amongst our label partners. We also hope that we’ll together bring the label and its artists the attention and interest they deserve.”

Over the next few months we’ll be steadily re-issuing our existing catalogue through these new channels, as well as gearing up for some great new releases, including:

In other news, we now have a new mail-order partner in Norman’s Records and you can get our first releases here, as well as a swank new Facebook Page which shot up to over 200 new fans in the first two days we launched it! We were shocked and appalled, but to see what the fuss is about and check out discog and other stuff as well as fan pix, click here.

Shit. It’s no wonder we all reek of BO and cheap red wine after the last few months.. if you are a blogger or journo and would like to join our industry list for mp3s and other news, just send us an email.

Till next time, see you soon!

Sotones x x