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Johnny 5th Wheel & The Cowards

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Johnny 5th Wheel & The Cowards



Johnny5thWheel&thecowards were a six-piece band from the North-West of England, who specialised in strange and beautiful pop music. They preferred to take a different approach to gigs, be it the turfing of the inside of venues with real grass, playing sets in public lavatories or turning up in wrestlers mask. Their frontman now operates solo as Richard Lomax (also on Sotones Records).

“Clever. Inventive. Quirky. Stark raving bonkers.” (Unplug the Jukebox)

“Music that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Wes Anderson film.” (Drunken Werewolf)

“Charming, witty and superb.” (God is in the TV Zine)

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