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Limbo Cabaret

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Limbo Cabaret


Band Members

Darrell Swainston
Jed Carr
Pip Borthwick
Jamie Chilcott
Paul Seymour
Adam Wells


Southampton six-piece Limbo Cabaret were signed to Sotones Records in June 2012, when they released their debut EP “Romancing the Damned”.

Since forming in 2010, Limbo Cabaret have taken the local music scene in Southampton by storm. The eclectic six-piece have supported the likes of 22-20s, Dog is Dead and Summer Camp and were hand- picked by The Delays to support them on their tour homecoming gig in 2011. This was quickly followed by slots at Blissfields Festival, Endorse it in Dorset and Southsea Fest.

“Nothing short of extraordinary” (Wessex Scene)

“A barrage of gruffly spat melodramatic, avant-indie” (Spoonfed)

“Upbeat melodies and a big presence that gets the crowd nodding their smiley heads and stamping their feet gleefully” (mintsouth)

“Mongers of the avant-garde and storytellers sent from the dark ages” (Playmusic Magazine)

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