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Demo Policy

Sotones Demo Policy

Demo Tape Sotones

We’re not a label in the normal sense – we only work with local acts, we all help each other out, and all the money goes back into the music.

This means that we don’t normally take demos blind from people we don’t know – but we are always keen to meet up in person and hang out with anyone that wants to come along to one of our nights, or give a track a listen if you want some genuine no-bollocks feedback. Put it another way, you might lend a random a cup of sugar but you probably wouldn’t sleep with them…. well… maybe….

Still, we’re sure there’s awesome music cooking up out there somewhere that we’ve not heard yet – we fucking hope so, anyway, or what’s the point? – so if you really, really want to send us a demo, drop us a line at and explain who you are. We listen to anything we get, but give us time to – try following up about a fortnight after you expect your package to get to us. Usual obvious “label the CD, dummy” stuff applies.

We don’t pay advances for publishing, licensing, merch or any other recoupable royalty. Mainly because we don’t have any money.

New bands:

Also, if you’re a new band in the area starting out you’re about a million million million miles better off coming to chat to us at one of our gigs (we’re also at most of the Ejector Seat, Kench, ClubSKULLS and Long Live Rock & Roll nights as well (cos they’re all ace…) Seriously, we’re really into meeting new people and sharing advice and tips, and we’re all a lot more likely to see eye-to-eye over a few beers!