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1,313: A Sotones Sampler

1,313: A Sotones Sampler Artwork

1,313: A Sotones Sampler

STCD037 November 2010
Various Artists


  1. Moulettes / Horses For Hearses / Horses For Hearses EP (Licensed from B.alling The Jack)
  2. Fresh Legs / Julian / Julian EP – Deluxe
  3. Moneytree / Medicineland / The Great Indoors Part III
  4. Haunted Stereo / Lock The Doors / On A Pin/Lock The Doors
  5. Anja McCloskey / Newton / Turn – Turn – Turn
  6. Jackie Paper / All The Wine / What’s Wrong With Broken Glass
  7. Peter Lyons / Old Friends / Old Friends
  8. Jeffisalive / Sunlight’s Yellow Dress
  9. rude_NHS / Roy Orbital / Roy Orbital
  10. JayEtAl / Feather / Where No City Lights
  11. nato / Missing Song / Eating Clouds
  12. Ann The Arc / Buttercup (Single) / Buttercup (Single)
  13. The Beaux Hardts / Hey, Who Turned Up The Gravity?
  14. Lonely Joe Parker / Brooklyn / What’s Wrong With Broken Glass
  15. Bobby Wade & Cristof Certic / Tax For Sure

1,313: A Sotones Sampler

‘1,313: A Sotones Sampler’ was the second Sotones Records compilation, featuring some of the best music from across the south coast, spanning indie rock to dubstep, folk to electronica.

It Featured smash singles by Moulettes, Moneytree, Haunted Stereo, Peter Lyons and Fresh Legs, as well as new works by artists including rude_NHS, nato, Ann The Arc and Jeffisalive. Artwork by Billy Mather (

Listen to 1,313:

There was a showcase gig and a launch party both to support the release at The Old Queen’s Head in Islington, featuring Haunted Stereo, Edward J Hicks, Moneytree, Anja McCloskey,Peter Lyons, Jackie Paper, Lonely Joe Parker and more.

Sotones 1,313 gig poster