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Avital Raz – Infidelity

Avital Raz – Infidelity Artwork


STCD059 May 2013
Produced by Gai Sherf.


  1. If You Ask Me
  2. Till It's Time To
  3. Oh, Isabel
  4. The Sick Rose
  5. Infidelity
  6. Blues of the Ugly Sister
  7. Regarding Angels
  8. You Told Me
  9. Regarding Man
  10. Back In the Promised Land


“Infidelity” is a truly incredible, uncompromising album that challenges the everyday notions of family, commitment, gender, religion and the body politic. Daring in both sonic delivery and lyrical content, Raz is far from your everyday singer-songwriter. Here we have an artist who exudes depth and honesty. We should behold her talent and applaud her originality. Editorial


  • Avital Raz- guitars, bass, melodica, erhu, synth, kazu and piano
  • Gat Sherf- harmonium
  • Nitzan Shachar- percussion
  • Amos Ungar- slide guitar

Video for ‘Sick Rose’: