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Sotones Records Sampler – Vol.11

Sotones Records Sampler – Vol.11 Artwork


STCD001 August 2007
Various Artists


  1. The Beaux Hardts - Lucky Pierre
  2. Moneytree - Cyclical History
  3. Edward J. Hicks - Skeleton Hand
  4. Monoboy - Gurb
  5. rude_NHS - My Viscus
  6. The Scarlet Letter Union - Agoraphobia
  7. The Limes - Glider
  8. Band Of Skulls - Blood
  9. Loose Caboose - Hard Task
  10. Blakfish - Captain Burns
  11. Joe Parker And The Power - Bee Stings
  12. Philip Barebones - I Am Why You Are You
  13. Chin Music - Our Last Chance
  14. Caesura - Time Passage
  15. JayEtAl - Place Of Trust


Vol.11 was the first ever release on Sotones, and was an extremely eclectic compilation of artists and bands.

Vol.11 Press Release:

Rock jostles with glitchcore, drum’n’bass rubs shoulders with indie. Uniting the music and the musicians is a belief that good music is better put together and released by artists who care about it, about their fans, and each other. Every single copy is individually put together and numbered by hand, by one or more of the bands making this a truly historic release.

What you are listening to….

Why do I care?

This record is our document of everything that’s going on in the south right now. It’s put together entirely by us, tracking, mixing, mastering, pressing assembly and promotion. It doesn’t get any more direct than this the digipack you’re holding was put together by one of the bands, a fan or maybe even someone’s mother. You want real, original material? Here it is….

Not another righteous bunch of boring straight edge losers…OhforthaluvvaGod! Do you think we’d bother sending you a copy if we were some kind of Crass aping gang of anarchists? Look, we just want to play and party every single night. So we want reviews and press; we want you guys to help us out. This is how it’s going to go from now on.

Oh (knowing smile plays around lined lips, displaying nicotine and red wine stained teeth), so you’re going to replace EMI now? Yes, we’re going to, like, take down the Man, man. Give us some credit the majors are going to stick around, we realise that. But all the filthy ligging middlemen, what’s their excuse, their reason to get up in the morning? If they ever actually loved music, they’ve forgotten, And they’re shit anyway… they’re the ones we want to kill, oops, cut out.

So it’s all kinda lika Fugazi shit,right?

No, no, no, no, no…. there’s all kinds of music here. In fact, to make it really easy on you, we’ll give you a little menu. We hope you listen to the while thing right through, but we’re all miserable pissing shitting humans in the end, so if you wanna skip though, fair do’s, here you are:

Track One – Lucky Pierre – The Beaux Hardts

Two piece brothers. As Sotones as it gets, co-founders like. At The Drive In meet Black Sabbath. Live, energy meets lethargy in a drunk explosion.

Track Two Cyclical History – Moneytree

Brothers again… weird huh. Taken from The Great Indoors EP Part I, mixed by Joe Gibb (Madonna, Million Dead, The Murder Of Rosa Luxembourg) Faraquet fronted by Jeff Buckley.

Track Three – Skeleton Hand – Edward J. Hicks

Sketchy all night drug prowling wolf. A delightful surprise when he offered it up to us, makes Tom Waits look wholesome.

Track Four – Gurb – Monoboy

Advanced 8 bit circuit bending technology, this electro wizard uses ONLY dismantled Gameboys to whip up a static storm, and we’re not talking Mario…

Track Five – My Viscus – rude_NHS

Breakbeat jungle rushes headlong into playful Warp tinged noodling from Winchester’s own irreverent elctro wizard.

Track Six – Agoraphobia – The Scarlet Letter Union

Last year Izzak got hit in the head with an axe. Seriously. Not sure if this pre or post dated his mastery of bleak solo post rock, but there’s a clue hidden in there somewhere.

Track Seven – Glider – The Limes

They are a super group. Also a bona fide Supergroup, with members nicked from Loose Caboose, Moneytree, JayEtAl, and rude_NHS, all swirling around a vortex of 80s Rough Trade-esque guitars and anheroic drug consumption.

Track Eight – Blood – SKULLS (previously Fleeingnewyork)

Long-awaited follow up to last year’s ‘Hollywood Bowl’ EP from this cocktail-drenched, PJ Harvey / Tom Waits inspired trio just back from tours in LA, Russia Tokyo.

Track Nine – Hard Task – Loose Caboose

Fresh from a support tour with The Holloways, the Caboose lobbed us this sparky pop gem recalling The Hives at their racous best jamming with the Arctic Monkeys. Slag-tastic!

Track Ten – Captain Burns – Blakfish

Bouncy guitar pop meets post hardcore with metal riffage? A nutty idea only few bands could execute as well as these (currently Brum based) titans of melodic mayhem.

Track Eleven – Bee Stings – Joe Parker And The Power

Deranged, idiotic, Clash-inflected squatter rock… and good fun as even Nightshift admitted: “a fuzzy thrash with a summery pop heart, a modicum of silliness and some great pots and pans drumming.”

Track Twelve – I Am Why You Are You – Phillip Barebones

Heartfelt acoustic pennings such as this fragile gem from the reclusive genius that is Pip B reach us from time to time but few match up to this tale of patriarchal pressure.

Track Thirteen – Our Last Chance– Chin Music

Taken from debut LP, ‘Temper Temper,’ Chin blend intricate melodies with screamo stylings and punchy hooks to throw the perfect rock knockout.

Track Fourteen – Time Passage – Caesura

Epic post rock sounds from Lockjaw Records’ boys. “..ambient melodies and vocals blend to stunning effect… like Minus The Bear on a heavy dose of Valium…” Rock Sound

Track Fifteen – Place Of Trust – JayEtAl

Every complilation needs a reflective 3am tower block romance electro closer track and this offering taken from the Winchester two piece’s ‘Where No City Lights’ LP does nice