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Cross The Sea and More

Cross The Sea and More

Haunted Stereo, Cross the Sea

Hi! I haven’t been to the office for over a week now, so I thought I would input some kind of contribution so they don’t think I’ve forgotten them. This being it…

So christmas is over, which sucks. New year festivities is also over, which also sucks. What a depressing way to start a new decade. But ah well, I hope everyone had a very merry festive season.

2010 is looking to be a good year for not only myself, but for the whole of Sotones. They start with a whole load of pretty sick things happening. First off, they are brought into the new year with awesome reviews of Haunted Stereo’s new EP ‘Cross the Sea’, which, from personal experience, I can tell you is worth all the Hoo-har. I may need to beg/steal/borrow myself a new copy due to it being over played in my stereo. But enough about me…

Its also looking good for Moneytree who have the launch of their third EP ‘The Great Indoors part 3′, and from previews and even the strength of the single ‘Wake Up and Pay your Overheads’ alone, I can tell you it is well worth the wait, and I may even pay for this one…

But the first thing to scribble onto your newly obtained 2010 calendar should be the Haunted Stereo curating a whole weekend at the Hamptons with acts such as Peter Lyons and Moneytree etc. I’m gonna make sure I’m down there anyhow!

So overall, this year sets to look good for everyone. Even myself as I am forced to choose universities already. I swear I only left for big school two weeks ago! ah well, onwards and upwards. Now…do I take Art, Music or Physics..? But, I’m sure you all skipped this paragrah, so I’ll see you all on the 16th and 17th at the Hamptons!

Until then, your favorite intern, Sam!