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Day one with the Sotones label…

Day one with the Sotones label…

Hi, Im Sam (as just said) and I started with Sotones today. I showed up at around 2pm, to be directed into the office, which if Im honest, was a little dirtier than I expected. But none the less, it was cosy, and it seems to do the job.

After quick introductions, and a brief discussion about Hash Brown and scrambled eggs (?) I was shown how much fun could be squeezed out of Admin work and spreadsheets. Of course, I was being sarcastic, but still, it was healthy experience for me to pursue a career in the music buisness.

This was followed by more introductions, this time with half of Thomas Tantrum who decided to come up and visit. Again, all were very friendly. I was then handed some freebies (which I look forward to listening too) and was set my first task, this blog. Thus was my day to this point.

Thomas Tantrum

So now you know all about my first day, how about some information on myself. I started here looking for work experience in the music industry, and found a somewhat little less orthodox practice of the record business. It does the job though, i now know how to work songwriting payments, and if Im honest, its probably a lot more fun than the corporate types at EMI etc…

I think I’ll leave it there, until next time.