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New Records from Avital Raz and Richard Lomax

New Records from Avital Raz and Richard Lomax

It’s been a busy February here at Sotones.

There’s been new records from Avital Raz and Richard Lomax and a complete overhaul of our website, store and more which is still underway, so if there are still some things missing (there are!) bear with us, we’ll get there in the end.

Avital Raz

First up, Sad Songs About The End Of Love is the new album from Avital Raz, featuring songs based on James Joyce’s Chamber Music poems. The album was recorded back in 2004 across India and Israel, but until this year the estate of Joyce still held the copywrite and wouldn’t allow these songs to be released.

You can check it out here:

I Cycle Is the new single from Richard Lomax. It has to be the only song I’ve heard featuring a bike wheel as percussion! Watch the video below, and you can download it from the sotones store

There’s also been a big buzz about White Ape’s new EP which is out next month check these out:

But more on that next time.

Lastly, the site update is going full steam ahead, and with the new platform we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest videos, music, photos and releases from all the Sotones artists, as well as pull out as much as we can from the vault.