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September rolls on. Record, release, relax… at least that’s the plan.

Summer seems to have been a non-stop succession of festivals interspersed with release deadlines and meetings with bands as we try to work out exactly what we’re going to do for the next six months. Basically, over the course of all those gigs and parties, a lot of people are met, and a fair few unexpected doors opened. The summer festival season is always a bit mental for this reason, since (at least according to official lore) the Autumn is the time to gig (‘break new acts’, in the unconsciously ironic record company parlance of our times).

Strangely, though, constant partying takes a bit of a toll on recording schedules. So inevitably August brings a boatload of stress as we try and work out who can release what when (‘do they have enough for an EP?’ ‘when can they do those vocals?’ and ‘…but, is there even any money to pay for the masters?!’) – which gives us September to run around in and actually make those releases happen.Which we just about have: so look out over the coming months for new releases from Moneytree, Haunted Stereo, Anja McCloskey and a new Sampler – plus one or two others we’re still working on.

Plus to make matters even more stressy on ourselves we’ve got two industry showcase / sampler launch parties on in September at the Old Queen’s Head (Islington, 7th & 14th) but as you’re probably sick of hearing about them I won’t bang on about it.

Laters, enjoy the ride – I’m off for a holiday after this lot!

Joe x