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Zoom Around Rainbow releases new EP ‘Redeem’

Zoom Around Rainbow releases new EP ‘Redeem’




‘Zoom Around Rainbow’ is a solo experimental electronic project from Southampton, UK. His recent release takes us further into the pit he introduced us to with his last EP ‘Around The Neck’. This record is more abstract and experimental, with unfamiliar sounds. Letting go of some techno elements but holding onto the energy and malice. The six short tracks join seamlessly, building a 14 minute long harrowing soundscape.

Now step into the void, press play and wait for a litany of chattering teeth to fill the space. A wallowing drone oozes through, warping the tone, and smothering everything it reaches. Like a car crash, razor sharp synth textures and manic drum sequences carve up the picture. Zoom crushes and mutates frequencies in the flashing orange glow of a 404. The noise slaps against the walls, reverberating through your bones and fades into the ether. The sequences loop over and over, molding into a haunting mantra. drum machines thump, breaking through the metal casings and punching you in the face. Fleeing the scene so fast you’re not sure what hit you.

This EP is Zoom at his finest and as he continues his exploration into the dark arts, his music gets bolder and more abrasive. Zoom owns a sound that bleeds analogue hardware and is best listened to in an abandoned warehouse or a cold sweat dystopian nightmare.