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Haunted Stereo

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Haunted Stereo


Band Members

Lewis Ford
Andy Harris
Anja McCloskey
Ben Toon
Thomas Solomon
Ben Jennings


Haunted Stereo were an alt-folk/ indie/ experimental six-piece line-up from Southampton.

Originally founded in late 2007, the band played over 15 instruments between them. Creating intricate layers of sound with an array of melodic instruments – including banjo, mandolin, accordion, piano, violin, recorder, electric guitar, melodica and percussion – , Haunted Stereo were very much about the thrills and fun that is to be had from playing live music together.

What the press say:

“Twee Nu-folkers” (NME)

“A quirky mix of alt-folk, country and indie.” (Tom Robinson, BBC6)

“An insistent, caramel junket of string, guitar and bass that juts out at odd angles.” (The Stool Pigeon)

“Pop it in your stereo to count the instruments/ confuse your neighbours/ accrue kudos for your eclecticism. Or just listen and enjoy.” (The Fly, Review of In Bars EP)

“A unique folk edged sound.” (

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