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Band Members

Bobby Wade Brown - Guitar/Vocals
Dave Wade Brown - Drums


Currently on sabbatical in Barcelona (don’t ask…) the beaux hardts  are two brothers, one guitar, one drum kit and a fucking loud noise. Strangely for brothers, they’ve only been playing live for the last year and a half but since made up for lost time having supported two gallants, volcano!, the organ and jeniferever amongst others.

Debut EP ‘Leisure’ – available from this very outlet – completes the trend for frantic, breakneck rock’n’roll that recalls the power of Black Sabbath, the glamour of KISS and the excitement of At The Drive-In, all somehow with fewer members.

It’s a case of twice the horsepower with half the manpower though, we say – live they present a mind-throttling sonic assault of razorblade guitar dynamics and singing with primal, instinctive drums that thrash along together like a newly-released wild thing.

We plan to get them back for a UK tour in the near future; for now, you’ll just have to buy the EP and wait. Or move to Spain.

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